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Pro create. The new Power Mac G4.

macworld expo new york 2001

Javitt's Center / July 20, 2001 -- MacWorld was great this year, despite the conspicuous absence of Adobe. (They may be "everywhere you look," but they weren't here!) There was a lot of fun being had, unlike the somber PC Expo last month, particularly in the Gaming area. Apple introduced its new, faster QuickSilver G4s (which now sport a huge belly button that doubles as a loudspeaker) and iMacs (which look the same). Also previewed was Mac OS X 10.1, which Apple says is a lot faster than 10.0.4 (on a dual-processor 800mHz G4 with 256 MB of RAM!) and has resizable panes in the multi-column Finder window. It will be out in September, so I'll wait until then to try it.

One utility not being updated for OS X is Adobe Type Manager; it's not even needed anymore! So I got the lowdown on Font Reserve for OS X, now in beta, and it looks pretty good. Emulator Inc.'s SoftMac Xpress was running the Mac OS in a window on Windows XP (which looks pretty nice), a demo marred only by a not having a proper mouse pad. Photoshop 5.5 launched quickly, and it seemed pretty snappy, but I couldn't drag and drop images between operating systems. There was a demo of QuicKeys for OS X, which I couldn't make heads or tails out of because the new interface was so different, and Contour Design's ShuttlePRO USB jog/shuttle dial for NLE programs like Premiere and Final Cut Pro looks promising, but the driver seems buggy.

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