Statistics From the Johnson Space Center Selection Office
April 12, 2000 -- These statistics do not include MIR astronauts.

From 1981 - 1998, NASA Launched 94 Space Shuttle Flights:
57 flights (60.6%) had at least one female crew member
37 flights (39.7%) did not have female crew members

From 2/95 - 12/98, NASA Launched 28 Shuttle Flights:
22 flights (78.5%) had at least one female crew member
All five flights in 1998 included at least one female crew member.

NASA Has Launched 12 Consecutive Missions With Female Crew Members.
The last mission to fly without a female crew member was STS-82 in February 1997.

In 1978, There Were 28 Astronauts, All Male.
With the arrival of that year's Astronaut Candidate class, 27 males and 6 females joined the corps:
women comprised 0.95% of the astronaut population in 1978
women comprised 17% of the 1978 Class

Women Currently Constitute 22.9% of the Astronaut Corps:
144 total astronauts
33 total females

Women Currently Constitute 0.65% of the Pilot Astronaut Category:
46 total pilots
3 female pilots

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