graphic converter 4.0.9

GraphicConverter is a shareware imaging program for Macintosh operating systems that excels at converting pictures to different formats. I use it to batch convert Kodak PhotoCD image files into JPEGs. There are also excellent slide show and browsing tools. It is available in Power PC, Carbon (OS X) and 68K formats. download the latest version

Key Features

* Imports about 130 graphic file formats
* Exports about 40 graphic file formats
* Batch conversion with additional action
* Slide show
* Browser

Supported Formats

Import file formats: PICT, Startup-Screen, MacPaint, TIFF (uncompressed, packbits, CCITT3/4 and lzw), RIFF, PICS, 8BIM, 8BPS/PSD, JPEG/JFIF, GIF, PCX/SCR, GEM-IMG/-XIMG, BMP (RLE compressed BMP's also), ICO/ICN, PIC (16 bit), FLI/FLC, TGA, MSP, PIC (PC Paint), SCX (ColoRIX), SHP, WPG, PBM/PGM/PPM, CGM (only binary), SUN , RLE, XBM, PM, IFF/LBM, PAC, Degas, TINY, NeoChrome, PIC (ATARI), SPU/SPC, GEM-Metafile, Animated NeoChrome, Imagic, ImageLab/Print Technic, HP-GL/2, FITS, SGI, DL, XWD, WMF, Scitex-CT, DCX, KONTRON, Lotus-PIC, Dr. Halo, GRP, VFF, Apple IIgs, AMBER, TRS-80, VB HB600, ppat, QDV, CLP, IPLab, SOFTIMAGE, GATAN, CVG, MSX, PNG, ART, RAW, PSION, SIXEL, PCD, ST-X, ALIAS pix, MAG, VITRONIC, EPSF (with the help of EPStoPICT), Meteosat5, Sinclair QL, VPB, j6i, ASCII, ESM, CAM, PORST, Voxel, NIF, TIM, AFP, BLD, GFX, FAX3, SFW, BioRad, PSION 5, KDC (only PPC), QNT, JBI, DICOM, FAXstf, SKETCH, CALS, EletronicImage, X-Face, NASA Raster-Metafile, Acorn Sprite, HSI-BUF, FlashPix (with QuickTime 4), ISS, RLA.

Export file formats: PICT, Startup-Screen, MacPaint, TIFF (uncompressed, packbits and lzw), GIF, PCX, GEM-IMG/-XIMG, BMP, IFF/LBM, TGA, PSD, JPEG/JFIF, HP-GL/2, EPSF, Movie (QuickTime), SUN, PICS, PICT in Resource, PBM/PGM/PPM, SGI, TRS-80, ppat, SOFTIMAGE, PNG, PSION, RAW, WMF, XWD, XBM, XPM, Clip, ASCII, PAC, ICO, RTF, VPB, Finder Icons, PSION 5, X-Face and ISS.

What's New in Version 4.0.9 (Released Thursday, July 20, 2001)

* PGPF import added
* LOGO import and export added
* csource import and export added
* DeltaVision import added
* TBCPlus import added
* ScreenShot Hack PDBs V1.5 import added (support for Handera and Sony CLIE)
* Freehand 10 preview import added
* FaxExpress import improved
* Acorn import much improved
* PNG support improved (type 0 export, type 6 import)
* pbm export improved
* DrawIt PDB import added
* Monkey PDB export will now save the comment into the file
* support for import of tiled uncompressed TIFFs added
* support for QuickTime image import improved
* combine option added to the context menu
* detection and error handling of corrupt JPEGs improved
* CMYK support for Photoshop aquire plug-ins added
* mode menu item added to the picture menu
* B&W DCX files will now imported correctly if the color table of the file is corrupt
* perfomance under MacOS X improved
* optional full screen preview added to the effects
* option to set the TIFF photometric interpretation of b&w images added
* option to save the images with the MacOS X standard creator '????' added
* option to import only the first page of multipage TIFFs added
* anti alias of text works now correctly under MacOS X
* smart rotate option before printing added
* combine batch command added
* icon and preview creation will now work with files with less than 4 pixels
* concat in convert will now save the files in the selected file format
* printer driver compatibility of the Carbon version under MacOS 8.6-9.x improved
* detail window improved
* carbon version will now place the plug-in and scripts folder in the Application support folder under MacOS 9.x and in the Library folder under MacOS X
* IPTC AppleScript support improved
* enter key of powerbooks works now correctly in the iptc dialog * live scrolling added to the preferences * IPTC writing into JPEGs is now full compatible with newer versions of Photoshop
* loop after setting the grid to 1 or lower fixed
* printfolder applescript command added
* paste at {..,..} applescript command added
* crash under MacOS X after add/remove margins fixed
* crash after opening QTIFs with a wrong color table fixed
* possible crash after quitting GraphicConverter on some MacOS versions fixed
* possible file corruption in the browser after changing IPTC and move/copy fixed
* possible save crash under MacOS X fixed
* crash in slideshow under MacOS X fixed
* redraw bug in the size pop in the window fixed
* make new window added to AppleScript
* wrong numbering in the slideshow after delete/move fixed
* double redraw bug rotation in the browser fixed
* rotation bug (math) under MacOS X fixed
* GIF options dialog fixed in convert
* language bugs fixed
* bug in overlay grid fixed
* bug in level applescript command fixed
* bug in reading the transparent color of GIFs with a wrong color table fixed
* bug in saving large JPEGs fixed
* bug in html catalog creation fixed if the source path is identical to the destination path
* bug in set format from name for identical extensions fixed
* bug in comment saving into TIFFs fixed
* bug in saving very large JPEGs fixed
* bug in GATAN file detection fixed
* bug in random slideshow mode under MacOS X fixed
* bug in FAX CCITT 3 import of TIFFs with rowsperstrip=1 fixed
* bug in create icon applescript command fixed
* bug in change comment applescript command fixed
* bug in level command with batch fixed
* bug in change resolution applescript command fixed
* bug in PICT catalog creation with the carbon version fixed
* other bug fixes and changes

How to Order

You can download and use GraphicConverter for free, but I strongly urge you to pay for it. Thorsten Lemke, the developer, is constantly updating GraphicConverter and adding new features. This is one shareware program that is worth ten times what he asks for it!

Shareware fee: $35 (site license pricing is available upon request). Lemkesoft accepts credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX), postal money orders (negotiable in Germany), cash (at your own risk), order checks/personal checks (drawn on a U.S. bank), and EuroCheques (German currency).

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