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Topic: Can't Open Photo CDs

edac2 - 03:11pm Apr 13, 2000 Pacific (#1 of 6)
I can no longer open Photo CD images with Photoshop 5.5. I get as far as selecting the image I want to open, but I cannot select source and destination ICC profiles (it says they cannot be found). I was using ColorSync 2.6.1 so I updated my system (8.6) to ColorSync 3.0, deleted my ColorSync prefs and cache, and even updated my plug in to 1.1.8, but to no avail. I'm also running QuickTime 4.1.1, and I have not tried importing an image with QT off. Any ideas?

(reply from Richard Adams missing)

edac2 - 10:19am Apr 15, 2000 Pacific (#2 of 6)
Thanks, Richard. I have had particularly good luck with GraphicConverter which can open PCDs directly with no extra extensions or plug-ins. Usually they look even better than opening them in PhotoShop. But you cannot pick source or destination profiles (such as CMYK), and until the latest beta you could not open full images at 16x base size because they exceed the QuickDraw size limit.

Richard Adams - 11:23am Apr 15, 2000 Pacific (#3 of 6)
I went to and downloaded two files. Both for Mac. dd0253f.sea (.hqx) PCD Acquire Installer.sea (.HQX) After installing the PCD Acquire Installer file, a new option is included in the File/Import choice to import PCD files. You choose the base for the file size that you want and open. It works and you get access to PCD from within PS. The first file I thought would allow you to have profiles for source and destination while using the PS File/Open command on PCD files, but it still does not work. I can't believe that we are the only two that use PCDs and that we are the only two that are having this problem. If we are, I would image that Kodak PCD is doomed and that Adobe has abandoned this file format. And I just took in another 35 rolls of film for conversion, if I only knew.

edac2 - 12:15pm Apr 18, 2000 Pacific (#4 of 6)
Richard - I don't think Kodak has abandoned PhotoCDs, because the support in GraphicConverter is very up-to-date (you can check my website if you want to download the latest beta). But it seems that Adobe has dropped the ball here. This isn't the first time; when is the last time you've tried to open Adobe Dimensions? It will not work with OS 8.5 onward, and nobody seems to have noticed. Perhaps there is someone at Adobe that we need to contact? The Kodak website is no help.

MarkATS - 02:29pm Apr 18, 2000 Pacific (#5 of 6)
Edac2: What are you talking about? Photoshop supports opening PhotoCD files and I have Dimensions running on my OS 9 G4.

edac2 - 05:25am Apr 19, 2000 Pacific (#6 of 6)
A lot of people think they are opening PhotoCD images, when in reality they are just opening PICT images for the Slide Show Viewer program included on the disk. I talked to tech people who actually MAKE PhotoCDs — at Katz (PhotoVision) and at West Side Camera (Wolf) — and they both did not know what the ImagePak format is, nor did they know anything about an Open dialog box requiring source and destination profiles, resolution, or what scanner they used. Both said they opened the scans in the folder called "Photos" with the images sorted by resolution. When I told both of these "experts" that these are not PhotoCD images, just PICTs, they didn't know what I was talking about (nor did they seem to care).
The folder path for ImagePak files is PHOTO_CD > IMAGES; the file and creator types are PCDI and PCDv. Pro PhotoCDs have an extra folder called IPE with additional files for the 64Base resolution. link to this forum

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