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The Pod Racer cabinet

June 9, 2001 :: Times Square — I took the family for a night of fun at Broadway City last night. While there I decided to show off my abilities on the Star Wars Pod Racer arcade game by Sega, and amazingly placed first in the Pixelito Challange (beating the previous first place holder of two weeks, me). When you place at least third or better, you get a unique password which allows you to register your score on the Sega website so you can see your world ranking. My time, 2:43.736, is 75th in the world, 25th in the country. Guess I have alot of practice ahead of me.

Right, the Star Wars Pod Racer arcade game
Arcades usually have two units so that
two people can race against each other!

where have all the times square video arcades gone?

July 12, 2007Lazer Park closed in May 2005, but their site is still up. The upstairs arcade at ESPN Zone is still hanging on. I guess the big news in Times Square arcades is Dave & Busters. It’s not as nice as the one in Chicago, which I’ve been to a few times, but it’s not bad either.

Not much seems to be happening with arcade simulators. The Fast and the Furious driving simulator is fairly new (2004), and they just came out with The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes Racing version of the game. This is the most fun I’ve had since Crazy Taxi (too bad they didn’t come out with a Crazy Taxi 2 arcade game).

April 13, 2004Broadway City has been closed for about a month (the link is still live, but I mirrored it for when it gets pulled down). What has become of the two Pod Racer games they had upstairs is anybody’s guess. They didn’t go to Barcode, because that closed, too, and they’re not upstairs at the ESPN Zone. They’re not at Lazer Park, either.

January 16, 2003 — I haven’t improved on my personal best of 2001 (I now rank only 96th), but the top 10 Pixelito Challenge scores are still all mine except one.

The Pixelito Challenge

Left, screen from the Pixelito Challenge
Level: Hard.

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