april 2001

I went tonight to the 2001 Car Show with my friends Chris and Yoko. See my special report. (4/20)

I've updated the top navbar and mastheads to take up less space. I've also moved images in my portfolio closer to the top. This should help viewers with smaller screens to see more of the page at once. (4/12)

march 2001

I completed the redesign of edac2day. It is now free of frames, so it should be more searchable. (3/16)

march 2000

More New Fonts -- I've added a sample of Rotis New SemiSerif, a font I created today in regular and bold weights, plus serif book, italic and bold. It is a customized version of Adobe's Rotis SemiSerif. (3/21)

Big Guns in Riverhead -- A quick trip to K-Mart in Riverhead with my mom took an unexpected turn. A group of about 50 people were there to protest K-Mart's sale of guns at their Riverhead store. But a far larger group of NRA pro-gunners, on hearing this, rallied their troops and drowned out the anti-gunners. There were about 300 of them, all with printed signs. The anti-protest was so well organized, I didn't even see the antigun group. (3/19)

Thanks to the wonders of domain linking, you can now reach this website by entering www.edac2day.com. The actual URL hasn't changed. Think of it as a form of call forwarding. (3/15)

Speaking of which, if you dial 101-6868 before your long distance calls, you can save a ton of money. We did at dsdny.com, and my own personal long distance bills have been slashed (calls are a little less than 8 cents a minute). Calls are itemized on your LOCAL phone bill. Consumer Reports rated this one of the top long distance access codes because there is no fee and no minimum. (3/15)

The funny ad campaign for the new golden dollar coin is quite clever. It features George Washington (portrait from the dollar bill superimposed on a real human body) living it up now that Sacagawea has allowed him to retire. This type of funny ad campaign would never have worked for the Susan B. Anthony dollar! (3/14) more (us mint)

AirTrain Lawsuit -- Bill Guild of the ERA has filed suit against the Port Authority to get them to change their plans for the AirTrain to JFK. As it stands now, this multi-billion dollar toy ends at Jamaica Station. Riders will still have to take a 30-minute LIRR ride from Penn Station to Queens, then change trains, then pay a separate fare... well, you get the idea. As Forest Gump's momma always used to say, "Stupid is as stupid does." (3/13)

Headlights Covers -- The next issue of Headlights is shaping up, starting with the cover; it's looking better since I replaced the original faded scan with this gutsy Pro PhotoCD image. I'm rescheduling the Seattle article in favor of Bruce Russell's article on Japanese monorails, which was originally to be just a sidebar. Frank Miklos's articles contrasting attitudes toward light rail in Portland and Boston is becoming massive, and I was sent a disk of JPEGs for it by the fine folks at Portland Streetcar. Our photos of the old Portland streetcar system look so good I'm expanding them into a separate photo essay. And the issue will round out with Clive Foss's two fascinating articles on China and North Korea. cover designs (3/12)

Business as Usual -- Former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet was freed. He left Britain today, hours after he was ruled "mentally unfit" to stand trial on charges of human rights abuses. (3/2)

february 2000

The Other White Meat -- The San Jose district attorney's office is investigating a case of haute cuisine high jinx in which a top chef has admitted serving pork in the guise of veal because he felt the high-priced meat was too tough. (2/25) full story

I made a presentation of Headlights Covers to the ERA board last night, and everyone's favorite cover so far is Bruce Russell's Japanese monorail, as long as I can improve the color and contrast. Next up is Clive Foss's narrow gauge streetcar in North Korea. (2/29)

Don Crabb Dead -- Don Crabb, a well know Mac columnist, died this weekend at the age of 44. (2/28)

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