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the third and final harry potter trailer

Here are some important scenes from the third and final Harry Potter trailer. The film opens November 4th in London, and on the 16th everywhere else.

harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
Opening title.
hagrid takes harry shopping on diagon alley
Hagrid takes Harry shopping on Diagon Alley.
harry tests a wand in olivander's
Harry tries out a wand in Olivanders.
the wand shoots a vase of black roses
The wand "shoots" a vase of black roses (barely visible "Predator" effect, at left).
the vase explodes
The vase explodes.
first years on their way to hogwarts
First years are rowed to Hogwarts at night.
enchanted ceiling of the great hall
Enchanted ceiling and floating candles in the Great Hall.
longbottom goes wild
Neville Longbottom goes wild during his first Quidditch lesson.
the quidditch pitch
A Slytherin has the quaffle, but Alicia Spinnet is close on his tail, during a fast-paced Quidditch match for the House Cup.
wizard's chess
Knight to E5... the Wizard's Chess way.
a cat jumps of a table...
A cat jumps off a table...
its face gets bigger
Its face gets bigger...
it begins to transfigure
It begins to transfigure...
its prof mcgonagall
It's Professor Minerval McGonagall, an animagus.
that was bloody brilliant
That was bloody brilliant!
mountain troll in the girls room
A mountain troll in the girls' bathroom.
harry stabs the troll in the nose with his wand
Harry stabs the troll in the nose with his wand.
hermione lands on soft vines
Soft vines covering the floor of the dungeon soften Hermione's fall.
knights guard the way
Life size chess knights guard the chamber containing the sorcerer's stone.
end title
End title.

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